Getting Started

Although this is not my first foray into the blogosphere (Tumblr will always be my first love), this site will be my first honest attempt at a regular written page. I have the horrible tendency of dropping off the face of the virtual world for random periods of time, usually when my life becomes insanely hectic. As it is currently summer, and many of my evenings are free from interruption, I think this could be a good time for a devoted effort at maintaining a stream of personal musings on life and its mysteries.

Happy reading!



  1. Hey! I see you made a BlogSpot off of Tumblr. Haha. I had a Blogspot before I had a Tumblr, then found Tumblr, and I liked it more, so my blogspot has kinda went neglected. Lol. But, I like the photo up top. I take it, it was taken professionally? Either way, you look beautiful in it. 😀


  2. Thank you so much, Trevor! Yes, the photo was taking by the amazing Adam Magana. I met him through the Drund project (a new web venture out of Boardman, have you heard of it? It merges your life into a sleek platform, very cool).

    I am going to attempt juggling my Tumblr and Blogspot, haha! I think I may keep my Tumblr reserved to more photos and reblogging, and focus my Blogspot on longer, text-oriented posts. Either way, I love them both (though Tumblr has a special place in my heart, 😉

    I enjoy scrolling through your Tumblr! Love your music selections, too!


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