Reasons Why I Love Summer

In honor of the first full day of summer, I am reblogging this from my Tumblr. =) 
The following are reasons why I love this particular season:

  1. Sunshine. Okay, we know that. 😉
  2. Spontaneity.
  3. Sweet and soothing drinks and fruits. Watermelon, anyone?
  4. Singing the scores of Broadway shows at performance level in my car, and not caring a bit about the reactions of other drivers.
  5. Savoring daily bicycle rides around the neighborhood with my mom. 🙂
  6. Stretching again and getting back in my dancing groove.
  7. Shaping up with more ZUMBA!
  8. Staring at the blissfully blue sky.
  9. Spotting shapes in the clouds, if any dare to intrude upon my blue sky.
  10. Starting rehearsals for The Marvelous Wonderettes and later, A Streetcar Named Desire.
  11. Staying up late to watch incessant reruns of The Golden Girls.
  12. Scheduling a family vacation in July!
  13. Swimming at the Olympic Club in the afternoons.
  14. Seeing old friends and meeting new ones.
  15. Searching for random adventures and pleasant distractions.
  16. Seeking fulfillment from my internship.
  17. Saying “No” once in a while.
  18. Slowing down to enjoy life.
  19. Simplifying and eliminating unnecessary distractions.
  20. Sighing when another summer is over.

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