Daydreaming is Free

As I sit here on the couch, nibbling my Dove dark chocolate candies, I am tickled by the simple, hopeful sayings inside their crinkled tin foil coverings. Each nougat adds another pillar to my eternally optimistic philosophy on life, and I relish every moment in which I can sit and reflect on things that bring me joy.

This week, in particular, holds high potential for being a joyous one.


My birthday, of course!

  • Turning 20. The big 2-0.
  • It will certainly be a bizarre feeling, to no longer be a “teenager” anymore.
  • Seems like the official beginning of adulthood, and a new chapter in my life.
  • Weird…


  • The fact that, after this week, I will only have TWO weeks left of my summer internship *cue choir of heavenly angels*
  • So, I will have completed over 300 hours working in the department of development at Akron Children’s Hospital, and in the process, I will have completed a major requirement for my degree (while gaining invaluable professional experience)


  • Seeing it on my birthday. The end of an era, the final culmination of my childhood literary experiences. It will be a big moment.
  • A BIG moment.

And furthermore…

  • Day after my birthday! Clearwater Beach and DISNEY WORLD with my family.
  • I desperately need this vacation. You have no idea.


  •  I will delve into these thoughts a bit more later on this week, in individual posts. I just had to throw them out there tonight!
  • Yes, I’m rather in an ADD sort of mood…
  • But, you know what? I don’t care.

Don’t worry. Be happy.

My last trip to Disney, April 2009. SO excited to return!

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