Keeping the Faith

Today marked the final mass of the Rev. Charles W. Crumbly, longtime leader of St. James Parish, as he retired today after 44 years in the priesthood. His homily received a heartfelt standing ovation as parishoners expressed their appreciation of his life’s service: helping people. People of all backgrounds and stations in life. People who are lost on their journeys; people who need some guidance finding their way. People who need a little reassurance that things will be okay. People like me.

Father Crumbly has presided over the spiritual affairs of my family for quite a while, having married my parents and baptized my sister and me. His sermons did not dance around the issues; instead, he confronted them directly with true, wise words, touching all he knew with pure kindness and compassion. He has always been a close family friend and confidante, and we will truly miss him as he enjoys his well-deserved retirement, continuing his work as one of God’s Angels.

In today’s world, the one thing that we can depend on is faith. In the good times, and bad, faith and love will always help you. Strive every day to grow physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally; continue to cultivate your faith and love.

                                                                                               -Father Charles Crumbly

Thank you, Father Crumbly, for being such a strong source of my faith.


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