Death of a [Book] Salesman

I’ve often considered bookstores and libraries to be my second home; so, when Borders announced that it was officially closing, I was close to tears. The Borders location in my town is the only major bookstore within a reasonable driving distance (the alternative is Barnes & Noble in Boardman, a 35 minute commute), as most of the independent, local stores have shut down. I’ve made a few visits to Borders since the formal corporate announcement, and with each subsequent excursion, I grow more and more depressed (although the deals continue to get better!).

It is so strange, to walk amongst the shelves, still lined with a multitude of books, but seeming to moan with the knowledge that the end is near. The books cry out, “Buy me!” and it pains me that I cannot rescue all of them. I pick up countless volumes of classic prose, whimsical poetry, Shakespearean drama, political commentary, spiritual exploration, historical fiction, and beloved biographies, and I lament that they cannot all fit on my own burgeoning bookshelves at home.

I’ve heard rumors of another company coming in and taking over this soon-to-be empty building (no joke, they are even selling the furniture), and I truly hope that this once-thriving store does not become another soulless vacancy in this town. We can’t take much more of this.


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