Simply Sunshine

This morning, I took a moment to relish that reclusive lady whom we in northeastern Ohio take pleasure in calling “The Sun.” Miss Sunshine was very kind today, gracing us with her glorious presence all day. No clouds dared to cast shadows on her happy countenance, and no dark thoughts dared to enter my mind while I was with her. She was adorned in a breathtaking bodice of blue, a hue so brilliant that I was compelled to avert my eyes after mere seconds. I basked in her warm gaze, reclining calmly on the weather-beaten, wooden beams of my backyard deck. As I cleared my mind and my heart, a gentle breeze laden with the fading traces of morning dew swept my tresses [and stresses] away. I closed my eyes, and for thirty glorious minutes, I was at peace.

I certainly hope we can make this a regular occurrence, Miss Sunshine. Please do not wait long until your next visit.



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