Garden Roams

Since April, my mother, grandmother and I have tossed around the idea of a lunchtime excursion to the Fellows Riverside Gardens in Mill Creek Park, and yesterday, we finally did it. Boy, it was worth the wait.

Although it was hardly my first dining experience at the garden cafe, yesterday marked the first visit for my mother and grandmother. We ate a lovely lunch of soups, salads, and croissants in the sunlit cafe, marveling at the beautiful flowers and architecture as we gazed at the peaceful river. Light conversation and cheerful company made for a memorable summer experience.

With our plates devoid of food, we made the required trip to the gift shop (already full of fall decor and…dare I say it…Halloween creations, yikes!). Much preferring the splendor of the summer season, I darted out of the shop and waited for the ladies to happily emerge with their purchases.

The rose gardens were in full bloom, their blossoms rejoicing in the richness of summer’s end. Scattered about the walking paths, gardeners tended to abundant flower patches and continued the cultivation of nature’s beauty. We walked and sighed at the lovely sights, relishing each step and each subsequent discovery of different floral species. As we turned to leave, I turned my face to the sun and closed my eyes, breathing in the essence of a perfect summer day.


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