Stella for Star

“Struggling to keep the peace between her sister and her husband is Stella, played by Kayla Boye. Stella is the ‘rock’ in both relationships, remaining calm and steady while the others overreact. Because of this, she is often overlooked. But Boye filled Stella with life. At first, she seems to be a sweet and simple young girl. But Boye shows Stella’s maturity and increasing distress as she is torn between the two people she loves the most.”

                                                                                                                               -The Vindicator

I am thrilled to report that the YSU production of A Streetcar Named Desire was an absolute success! Our two-weekend run (seven performances) was completely sold out, and the production received “stella” reviews from audience members and critics. Moreover, the cast and crew developed a wonderful camaraderie that showed positive results, both onstage and backstage.

As this was my first time playing a dramatic role, several people were a bit taken aback; it was a far cry from anything I have done before. But it was truly a good experience and a chance to stretch beyond my comfort zone.  I was so fortunate to be cast in this show, and I am truly grateful to our wonderful director, Professor Matthew Mazuroski.  I’m looking forward to the next challenge!


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