Balancing Act

Since the closing of A Streetcar Named Desire, I have appreciated the bit of downtime I have been granted. It’s such a strange feeling, not having every night devoted to three hour rehearsals. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy! Here’s a sampling of my current pursuits:

  • Dancin’! Every. Day. It’s been amazing.
  • Just finished teaching a six-week, youth acting workshop at the Youngstown Playhouse. What a great experience! I’m looking forward to returning in the spring and seeing new faces! 
  • Also volunteered in the Playhouse box office during To Kill a Mockingbird, an intense production with heartfelt acting (I was fortunate to watch a performance after one of my shifts).
  • Working on Dance Ensemble pieces every Sunday with a great group of girls (and a few guys!). I’m in two pieces this year: a Balanchine ballet and a burlesque. It’s quite the contrast in styles, to say the least!
  • Rehearsing for Ballet Western Reserve’s The Nutcracker. Brings back so many good memories of Great Lakes Festival Ballet, and I’m having a lovely time reprising the waltzes of the Flowers and Snowflakes.
  • As of this week, I’ll be starting rehearsals for two, student-directed one-acts. I’m playing an art student in one, and the Sugarplum Fairy in the other. Not too much of a stretch, is it? Haha 😉

Aside from those activities, I am still juggling my school responsibilities:

  • Classes are going quite well- not having too much trouble with any of my assignments at this point (Week 11). Only five more weeks to go! The end is in sight! =D
  • SGA (Student Government Association) has been good so far- volunteered at the Homecoming tailgating (which involved delicious Charlie Staples on an otherwise dreary day) and currently planning the upcoming United Way Awareness Week.
  • SNLO (Student Nonprofit Leadership Organization) has been great this semester; we’ve enjoyed some enlightening guest speakers as well as exciting site visits. This week, we are assisting with the United Way chance auction, and next week, we are planning our first “Nonprofit Mixer” – yay!
  • WC (Writing Center) hasn’t been too bad this semester; we’ve had a crazy demand for our services– more busy than usual– but overall, I’d like to think my clients have come away from our sessions ready to write with a vengeance!
  • APO (Alpha Psi Omega) inductions took place a few weeks ago, and I really enjoyed bonding with my fellow members over the fun process.

Whew! What a whirlwind! But this balancing act has no intention of slowing down!


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