Time for the Holidays

This Thanksgiving goes down in my book as one of the best ever. The best. Ever.

Thanksgiving Day was spent watching the Macy’s parade (of course!) and mocking the pop stars who couldn’t grasp the concept of lip syncing. LOL. Seriously. It was SO bad. But so funny. 🙂 Having watched Santa make his way down 34th Street, we were ready to journey the short 2 minutes over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house (literally) and help her prepare our fabulous family dinner. My aunt and uncle arrived from Chicago to make it a complete family gathering, and we had a fantastic evening complete with the first barrage of Christmas movies and LOTS of laughter.

I’m not one to venture out on Black Friday with the crazies, but I joined the ladies of our family on an afternoon jaunt to Legacy Village and Beachwood Mall in Cleveland. We did score a few deals, but for the most part, we were content with each other’s company, not racing from store to store in search of sales. It was a truly beautiful day, with clear blue skies and sunlight that warmed the soul.

Saturday began with my usual morning ballet class (I donned my vibrant, red legwarmers and equally flashy red leotard to kick off the holiday season, yippee!). Later in the morning, I met up with my mom, grandma, and aunt at Lanterman’s Mill in Mill Creek Park, where the annual holiday festival was taking place. I hadn’t been there since I was 5 years old, and it was great to see that nothing had changed; the chestnuts were still roasting on an open fire, the mill was decorated with fresh pine wreaths, and the musicians happily strummed Christmas tunes. We then enjoyed a tasty lunch at the Fellows Riverside Gardens cafe and relished the beauty of the landscape. I dashed off to Nutcracker rehearsal and visited my other grandma’s home for dinner, where my aunt and cousins were visiting. Later that night, I ran back to my other grandparents’ home for more Christmas movies and festivities!

My aunt and uncle departed for Chicago this morning, and I returned to school for an afternoon of Dance Ensemble rehearsal. When I returned home, my mom had brought me a delicious Panera salad (yum!). Now, I sit in front of our fireplace (we turned it on for the first time this season) and type merrily away, accompanied by the classic sounds of Christmas music on the television (“Skating” by David Benoit is playing at the moment– from A Charlie Brown Christmas). Mom has thoroughly decorated the family room to its full holiday potential; lights are twinkling and pine is aplenty. My sister is dozing peacefully on the couch and my dog is snoozing in a little ball (so cute). And now I am signing off…it’s time for A Muppet Christmas Carol! Watching it with my sister…we are going to have a blast!


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