Audition #3

Audition #3

This morning was my third audition of the season: Pittsburgh CLO. What a LONG morning, waking up at 5:00 a.m., getting ready, driving down to Pittsburgh, warming up, and dancing like a madwoman for three hours. Then driving home. =P But it was certainly an invigorating, energizing experience. I loved the powerful jazz and ballet combinations from “A Chorus Line”– so much fun!

This was my second year auditioning for CLO, and I was comfortable knowing what to expect. But I don’t see myself auditioning again at CLO any time soon…they definitely have a preference for local hires from Point Park, which they clearly state on their website as they explain CLO is a civic organization wishing to utilize local talent. Understandable. So many talented people were present at the audition, but only a very small percentage was called back; I realize now that I need to shift my focus to companies that could realistically consider hiring me. Why waste my time auditioning at a place where there is little hope of finding a slot? Lesson learned. But it was still an exciting experience!


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