Show Me How You Burlesque

“Burlesque” dancers!

The dancers of the YSU Dance Ensemble enjoyed a great “turn-out” at our annual concert last weekend! Invariably, the concert always falls on the weekend before finals week, so we don’t usually get massive attendance from the student body. This year, however, the campus came out in full force to support our efforts, and we did our best to put on a fabulous show! Audience members expressed consistent positive reviews on the quality of the concert, and many were pleasantly surprised at the versatility of our thirty dancers.

The 13-piece concert showcased genres ranging from a modern “Plastic Bathtub Toys” piece to a wild tap salute to George Gershwin. I danced in a lovely, neoclassical-inspired ballet choreographed by graduating senior, Kaitlyn Fabian. We will truly miss her talents here at YSU! I also performed in a fierce burlesque number choreographed by Mandi Fetty; her dancers portrayed the seven deadly sins, and I had a blast being green with Envy!

Overall, I think this was a very successful year for the Dance Ensemble.  I relished the opportunity to bond with my fellow dancers, and I think our dressing room friendships reflected positively onstage. I am saddened to see so many talented seniors leaving our ranks, but I am hopeful for what next year holds. I have already proposed two pieces to our artistic director that I would like to choreograph: a musical theater number and a pointe solo. The musical theater piece, “The Stylings of Fosse,” will be a medley of “Rich Man’s Frug,” “Steam Heat,” and “Sing Sing Sing.” I have already begun choreographing, and I am ridiculously excited for the potential of this piece. My pointe solo, “La Vie en Rose,” will invoke the lifespan of a rose in bloom. I am envisioning beautiful lighting reflecting off a romantic tutu, beginning with soft pinks and erupting into vivid reds with the crescendo of the music. So. EXCITED.

From what I have gathered from other dancers, there will be a great selection of choreography next year. I may have a difficult time deciding which pieces I should audition for…I think five will be my limit!


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