What’s the Story, Morning Glory?

Finally! Updates from summer stock at the Huron Playhouse:

We are already approaching Week 4 here at Huron, and I haven’t had any time to write updates! So, on my last free Saturday evening of the season, I will give you the story, morning glory.

The Huron company and staff are absolutely wonderful! They are so kind and caring, and they show true dedication to the art of theater. The surrounding community is also amazingly supportive and friendly, as I have seen in my short time here.

Rock balance.

I was cast as Ursula Merkel in Bye Bye Birdie, our season opener, directed by the fabulous Heather Williams. We’ve really only had two weeks of rehearsal, but I’ve relished every moment of this character. It’s so much fun to let loose and become a totally crazy teenager! Fangirl shrieks and sighs included.  I’ve also had a blast as dance captain/assistant choreographer, especially during rehearsals for “The Shriner Ballet” in which many cool lifts were to be had. Birdie opens this Tuesday, June 26, and runs through Saturday, June 30.

“Telephone Hour”

For the season’s second musical, The Drowsy Chaperone, I was cast as the cooky Mrs. Tottendale. The ultimate dingbat, she is so much fun to portray. Although it’s a challenge to nail the comedic timing with this one, when it’s done right, it’s priceless. With a bit more practice and coaching from our director, Jim Williams, I think things will start to fall into place and Drowsy will become my favorite show of the season! Drowsy plays July 10-14.

I have yet to be cast in the final musical, Carousel, but I am so excited for the ballet in that show. I will post casting results as soon as I find out! I can’t wait to work with the lovely Jann Glann Graham. She is such a sweetheart as our artistic director. Carousel will play July 24-28 and conclude the Huron season.

Amidst the days full of rehearsals and work sessions, I’ve had the opportunity to bond with my castmates and meet so many neat people. While hanging promotional posters in surrounding areas, I’ve enjoyed seeing the beautiful homes and landscapes that dot this quiet coastline. Working the box office, I’ve been able to interact with audience members who faithfully support the theater and its mission. And despite a lingering cold, I’ve had fun performing at a cabaret last week at Paper Moon Winery, a donor appreciation event. From the nonprofit perspective, the experience was an invaluable one as I observed interactions between generous patrons and grateful members of the organization.

I plan to spend the rest of the evening reviewing lines, blocking, and choreography. Woot woot! Until next time…


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