Bye Bye, Birdie!

One production down, two to go!

Our run of Bye Bye, Birdie at the Huron Playhouse opened the season with fantastic audiences and great reviews; the energy of the cast and crew definitely carried the crowd off their feet in love of Conrad Birdie! We played to a full house every night, and the enjoyment of the audience was tangible in their laughter and cheers at the antics of small-town, Sweet Apple citizens.
“Honestly Sincere” fangirls.

In my first appearance onstage in “Telephone Hour,” one of my favorite moments was the audible gasps that went up from the crowd at the sight of my legs at a 180 degree angle inside my telephone box. After the show, patrons would come up to me in wonderment: “How DO you do that?” “Doesn’t that hurt?” “You made me cry just watching you!” Haha, the reactions were priceless!
A leg up on the competition.
Little gems of that nature were to be found throughout the course of the show– another castmate wowed the crowds when she rolled out of her right split twice, finally finishing her turn as Gloria with a proud pose and shocked audience. Our rendition of “Honestly Sincere” consistently brought roars from the crowd caught up in Birdie hysteria, and chants of “We Love You Conrad” continue to be heard throughout the streets of Huron.
The Conrad Birdie scream.
I was thrilled to enjoy dinner with my family at Marconi’s Restaurant on Saturday evening, closing night of our run. It was so special to see my parents, sister, grandparents, and uncle in the audience that evening; along with beautiful roses, they brought me all the medicine and love I needed to overcome a lingering illness. Almost fully recuperated, I am grateful for their care and attention during the short time we had together.
This week, I have been trying my hand at a new occupation: lightboard operator. Though I have experienced my fair share of mistakes and glitches in the learning process, I have my fingers crossed for at least one flawless show of The Fox on the Fairway, which plays this week.
Also on my learning docket: the ukulele. I am trying my hardest to master a few chords on the instrument so I can play it decently well by Tuesday, opening night of The Drowsy Chaperone. After one night of strumming, I have realized my patience will be put to the test in the next four days. Ah well. Practice makes perfect…and I will be using all of my spare time to reach that perfection!
Signing off for now,
Ukulele Lil

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