21st Birthday Celebrations!

On closing night of The Drowsy Chaperone, my family came to see me in Huron. As soon as I finished striking the set (in record time, I might add!) I headed to the hotel and entered the room, which had been turned into a sparkling, pink fairyland of birthday festivities. My sister spent her afternoon hanging crepe paper and streamers from every surface and blowing up massive quantities of party balloons. Confetti littered the table and floor, and presents covered every corner. Fragrant bouquets and beautiful cupcakes completed the atmosphere. What a [Toledo] SURPRISE!

Sisters on the beach

I spent the night in a comfy hotel bed, a big change in environment from my summer dorm room. I woke up surrounded by people I love, and I shared a wonderful morning and afternoon with them!  My presents were unique and wonderful; among the big gifts were a new Nikon CoolPix camera and an iPhone4S. I’m not ashamed to say it: I’m addicted. I feel like I’ve emerged from the dark ages!

Vermillion lighthouse

During the afternoon, we enjoyed a scenic drive along Lake Erie to the neighboring city of Vermillion. We enjoyed dinner at Quaker Steak & Lube, where I had a sip of a strawberry daiquiri. The wait staff also presented me with a birthday shot of vodka, which made me want to quote Drowsy one last time: “That was pure vodka, you poop!” In actuality, I really do prefer “ice water.” Yes, ice water.
After dinner, we walked along the Vermillion beach and enjoyed stunning views alongside the lighthouse. Such a beautiful place. When my family departed for the evening, I returned to the theater for my evening work shift. Much to my SURPRISE (again!), the kind Jim Williams gave me a task that left me with basically a free night. When all rehearsals had finished and the company was done for the night, we went to the Sunset Grille for a little birthday shenanigans. My good friend Ella arrived early to decorate the place with streamers and balloons– so sweet! The majority of the company was anxious to see an inebriated Kayla, but I think I disappointed them– I drank only one shot to appease everyone. Kayla does not like alcohol! I don’t need it– I’m quite happy without it! Nonetheless, I had a very good time that evening, and I feel that my 21st year is off to a very good start.

Birthday at Sunset Grille


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