Deliciously Drowsy

This post (and many to follow) is way late in coming, but here is my recap of all things Drowsy Chaperone:

Tottendale and her Underling

What a fantastic show. Definitely in my all-time, top three favorites (the other two being Chicago and Curtains). The script and score both attain that level of musical comedy perfection that so many shows fail to reach, and they complement each other until the last strains of roaring applause fade into the night. With such a solid starting point, our cast and production staff took this show and ran with it, creating a marvelous piece of theater that “hardly left audiences ‘Drowsy.'” Many patrons kept returning for encore performances, and more than one person stated that our production surpassed the national tour. I wish our run could have been longer; I could do this show for the rest of my life!

“That was pure vodka, you poop!”

Playing Mrs. Tottendale was so much fun; the combination of her airy mannerisms and penchant for memory loss created a plethora of comedic moments. I believe I truly found her character (though I could always explore more if I had time), and there was more than one occasion during which I wanted to laugh with the audience (especially during the spit-take scene!).

Ukulele Lil

By the middle of the show’s run, Ukulele Lil did achieve her goal of playing the ukulele. It was my main concern for the whole show, and I couldn’t relax until I played those few chords every night. But, by George, I got it! Do you think I could now list “Expert Uke Player” under my special skills? Ha!

On closing night, the eve of my 21st birthday, my family and friends were in the audience. It was such a special evening, sharing that performance with them, and I will never forget seeing them in the audience for that last standing ovation.

The number of gems in this show were too numerous to recount, but the combined collection made for a dazzling experience. From “Fancy Dress” to the Finale Ultimo,” the show’s life and substance swept all of us off our feet, with every person contributing something creative and unique to the process. The Drowsy Chaperone will always have a special place in my heart.


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