The Semester in Review: Fall 2012

Hello, world! Remember me?
I apologize profusely for a severe drought of blog material of late. Things have been rather busy around here, to put it lightly. A better description of this semester could be “pure insanity,” because I have realized that I have an unfortunate penchant for overextending myself. You may be thinking, “Wow, you JUST realized this!?” Sadly, you are correct. While I have been well-aware that I maintain an overly-busy life, that fact has really hit home as of late. Here are a few reasons why, explained throughout my semester in review:
1) Student Nonprofit Leadership Organization


From United Way Day of Caring, to the Raymond John Wean Foundation Summit, to our annual mixer and semesterly site visits, SNLO never ceases to provide insight and stimulation into the nonprofit world.
2) Alpha Psi Omega


APO has proven to be a great source of business and fulfillment! Our many service projects and social gatherings definitely keep a girl busy.
3) Dance Ensemble


Rehearsals thus far have made me very excited for our May 2013 concert. This company is full of talent and creativity, and the collaborative effort has made the process very productive.
4) University Scholars


Meeting upcoming Scholars and alumni alike has been a wonderful experience this semester. I was honored to represent the Scholars during this year’s Homecoming and promote the Scholars program as a Scholar Ambassador.
1) YSU Foundation
Student Assistant


I appreciated the opportunity to view the nonprofit world from the foundation perspective, observing the positive impact of scholarships on fellow YSU students.
2) YSU Writing Center
Student Consultant

The WC continues to challenge and refine my writing skills as I help clients navigate the murky waters of paper composition! Hosting the 2012 NEOWCA conference was more enjoyable than expected, especially when I was assigned the duty of chalking the sidewalks of YSU…chaos ensued.
1) “Cabaret”
Kit Kat/Two Ladies


Sharing the stage with some lovely ladies and fellows aided the process significantly, and I relished the opportunity to revisit Fosse.
2) “Spring Awakening”
Wendla Bergman 


An artistic exercise and one of my first forays into contemporary musical theater, playing Wendla allowed me to push my limits and discover beauty within challenging themes. Many thanks to a fabulous cast/crew/production team.
3) “Reflections”
Devising Team


When Krista Ulbricht invited our group on this emotional journey, none of us quite knew where this experiment would lead. Flash forward six incredible months, from May to November, and we found ourselves in a completely renewed and refocused state of mind. What began as a senior project progressed to a remarkable piece of devised theater, touching many minds and souls. I am excited to see where it leads in January at our new venue, the Oakland Center for the Arts.  
I certainly omitted many other pursuits and details, but you get the gist. However, I would be remiss in not mentioning the many family members, friends,  and acquaintances who have made my last fall semester one to remember, especially my Huron and theater families! Our visits and reunions make life truly wonderful. Thank you for being in mine.


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