2013 Resolutions. But Seriously.

As 2012 approaches its final few hours and 2013 looms on time’s horizon, I’m reevaluating my views of the world and looking at possible resolutions for this New Year. Looking back at my 2012 resolutions, I did a pretty decent job of sticking to my guns, with the exception of my last goal: “Learn to say ‘NO!'” Since I have a problem with that one, it’s going on the list again for 2013. Behold, my resolutions for 2013! (But seriously. These are happening.)

  1. Let go and relax. It’s hard for me to accept, but I need to recognize that some factors and situations are outside of my control. It’s time to stress less!
  2. Focus on self. Notice a theme here? This will be a year to make time for myself. What a novel idea. This will be accomplished through my entry into the world of yoga (I enrolled in a course at YSU this spring) and recommitting myself to gym sessions and dance classes.
  3. Investing in the future. With graduation looming (May 18 is fast approaching!), life after college is closer than ever. This is both exciting and frightening, as I have no idea where I will find myself after school. As such, I shall be auditioning for performance opportunities and applying for positions with a variety of nonprofits. This will be a busy semester.

May 2013 be full of promises and blessings for everyone! Happy New Year!


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