Hopping on the Band Wagon

This past Christmas, I was fortunate enough to receive an amazing excess of iTunes gift cards, giving me instant freedom to buy new music at whim. While I had planned to diplomatically spread out my purchases and conserve my credits, I was struck with a sudden urge to plunge back into the world of movie musicals this week. All thoughts of saving my gift cards for later days were pitched outside to the gale-force winds currently plaguing Northeast Ohio, and I dived headlong into a wild spree of buying my favorite soundtracks (mixed with current pop singles). This moment of fiscal abandonment made me feel quite adventurous, like I had taken a huge risk or been irresponsible for some reason (even though the music was…well, FREE. On a sidenote to those who know me: nothing beats the gift of music).

Anyhow, having felt the thrill of wildly purchasing songs left and right, I have since reimmersed myself in my Golden Age soundtracks and the guilty pleasures of pop rock (the former satisfying my musical theater love, the latter serving as great workout material). In particular, listening to recordings of The Band Wagon and Singing in the Rain has really rekindled my passion for those shows (which feature my top three stars: Cyd Charisse, Fred Astaire, & Gene Kelly **faints**). What I wouldn’t give to perform those dances someday!!!! (Yes, four exclamation points may have been excessive. I don’t care). Until I have the chance to recreate that choreography onstage, you can catch me performing full-out renditions in my dorm room. Admission is free. Spread the word.

Dancing in the dark,

HOW TO DANCE IN THE DARK (Secrets from Fred and Cyd):

Step 1: Have a spark to your step. And I’m not just talking about the sequins on that divine dress.

Step 2: Stretch yourself to the absolute limit. And then some.

Step 3: Smoulder.

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