Now My Life Is Rosy…

It’s strange to think that this will be Week 4 of my last spring semester here at Youngstown State University. That’s one-quarter of the semester already completed! Whoa!

Things are really starting to pick up speed on all fronts, especially the artistic side. With several upcoming projects waiting in the wings for a few weeks, however, I continue to relish a somewhat relaxed schedule that allows me to focus on myself (sticking to my New Year’s resolutions!). I would call this past week an ideal schedule for my creative mind, replete with yoga, gym time, ballet, musical theater choreography (taking and teaching classes), professional auditions, Dance Ensemble rehearsals, music buying, movie watching, and a lovely bit of socialization with good friends and family. Oh yes, there were standard academic classes involved in my schedule as well (I almost forgot- I’m still in school!), but I definitely had more time to pursue passions outside of the typical school structure.

I am amazed at the newfound sense of freedom I am enjoying this semester. This liberation can only be partially attributed to my impending graduation; most of it stems from allowing myself to do what I love without adhering to unrealistic time constraints. Free time is certainly a welcome blessing, and while I do not expect it to last indefinitely, I am savoring every moment of “me-time” that I presently possess.

In this more relaxed mindset, the quest for that ultimate personal Holy Grail–happiness– does not seem so far-fetched. I think I am well on my way to holding happiness in my hands. I may have already found it. 🙂

Stop and smell the roses.

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