Final Bows


Photo: Leslie Cusano

It’s opening night for my final YSU Dance Ensemble concert! I am so blessed and happy to share the stage with so many lovely dancers, who are all fantastic artists and kind personalities. This year’s concert is particularly beautiful, and I cannot dream of a better way to say “farewell” to the YSU mainstage.

I am so proud of the thirteen ladies and gentlemen in my Fosse selection. With limited rehearsal time and limitless style traits to learn, they have really pulled it off. I can truthfully say that their performances do Bob Fosse justice, and that’s saying a lot.

It has also been a blast to dance in Malloree Miller’s Hairspray medley. Although I’ve choreographed that show before, I’ve never had the pleasure of dancing to that music; it is really a riot! The final selection in the concert, Malloree’s piece certainly allows us all to go out on a high note.

Under the amazing guidance of Christine Cobb, the YSU Dance Ensemble continues to evolve into an amazing creative entity. Her helpful eye and attentive nature allow dancers and choreographers to tap into their deepest artistic arsenals; she is an indispensable, beautiful figure.

Four years on this stage have passed so quickly. I am very grateful for the creative opportunities University Theater and Dance Ensemble have provided; they have allowed me to embrace my passions and reach for higher levels of excellence. I am also thankful for the amazing friendships and mentorships this institution has given me. Reflecting on so many shows and memories really tears me up, but I grow excited at the prospect of future adventures with several of these wonderful people (Chicago-bound!).

To all friends and castmates, past and present, you have all impacted and inspired me. To all dancers in this year’s concert: Merde! And all that jazz.


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