City Girl

I’m officially in Chi-town! After a relatively short drive (6.5 hours) from Youngstown, I arrived here Thursday evening and proceeded to madly unpack and promptly crash from exhaustion. I do not recommend postponing the packing process until the day before moving and therefore staying up until 3:30 a.m. to finish the process. A seemingly simple project tends to snowball into an overwhelming task: What to pack? What to leave behind? Do I REALLY need to bring those little minions? (Answer: Yes. Of course).

Have minions, will travel.

It was so wonderful to be welcomed by my uncle and his adorable, if crazy, cat. Expect to see a lot of kitty spam on my Vine and Instagram- this cat’s antics are too good to ignore! I do miss my own kitty at home, but it is a riot watching this one in his element.

It’s very strange being so far away from home for this extended period of time. Getting home is not as simple as driving the 20 minute trip from YSU, or even the 2 hour drive from Huron. But it’s nice that I AM with family, and I already have a few return trips planned on holiday weekends to see everybody in Ohio. Until then, look for me all over social media!


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