Fun Times

Hello, world! What’s new?

A lot is going on here in Chicagoland! Between Goodman events, showgoing, auditions, city adventures, and amazing visits with friends/family, things have been moving along at a nice hum.

The most recent, awesome Goodman happening was today’s annual football faceoff against Steppenwolf (we won, 49-7). I had a great time cheering our team to victory by participating on the sidelines and in the half-time danceline with some fierce colleagues!

In the few months I’ve been in town, I’ve seen quite a few enjoyable productions. I wish I could see things on a more spontaneous level, but that will have to wait until I move into the city limits after the conclusion of my internship ( and the securing of a job…somewhere! ). When that day arrives, I might as well start a personal quest to see shows EVERYWHERE. That could prove a bit ambitious, as this town has a surplus of over 200 theaters (and even more independent production efforts), but it’s nice to have such a great selection of culture!

Shows, people.


In my free time, I’ve been dabbling in auditions across town for various projects. Just edging into the scene and getting to know what’s out there. There are definitely a lot of opportunities; it’s just about finding the right fit for my schedule and time constraints. I will be sure to post updates if anything exciting should arise!

The best part of my Chicago experience has been enjoying the company of fellow interns, visiting with friends, and seeing my family. It’s so wonderful to strengthen connections with new friends while reaffirming the bonds with familiar ones. A few weeks back, I was fortunate enough to spend time with my Huron Playhouse family of directors on their visit– a fantastic weekend that involved seeing Book of Mormon and Evita. Last weekend, I was ecstatic to be visited by my mom and dad; we haven’t seen each other in over a month, which is WAY too long to be separated. Needless to say, we relished our time together and had a ball enjoying the local autumnal atmosphere.

I’m signing off for now– tomorrow promises to be a long day, but filled with my favorite weekend pastime– dancing at HSDC. This girl is super pumped to take several free classes for Lou Conte’s fall open house (ballet, musical theatre tap, and jazz). Come and meet those dancing feet!


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