Until Next Time, Goodman!

Goodbye, Goodman!

On my first official day away from my Goodman internship, I’ve had a chance to sit back and reflect on these past five months. They certainly flew by, thanks to a multitude of friendly faces amidst a fast-paced environment. I am so thankful to have met so many wonderful staff members, artists, and other interns, while honing my administrative skills in a large organization. Here are some favorite, fun-filled internship memories:

  1. The Shows! Where else can one assist with and attend opening nights for such a spread of quality work? It was a thrill to contribute, even in the smallest way, to the success of these events.
  2. The Parties! Again, where else can one toast and converse with the leading creative minds in the industry?
  3. The Donuts! Office-wide emails announcing the arrival of our beloved Do-Rite Donuts. Cute clipart included.
  4. The Memorabilia! I completely adore my collection of Goodman items, from fleece jacket to Chuck Smith hat, from water bottle to bumper sticker. All have character and practicality! Well…maybe not the bumper sticker…
  5. The Intern Closet! Okay, it got rather claustrophobic by the end, with both the incoming and outgoing interns crowding the space, but we did have a great time together bonding over random YouTube videos (What Does the Fox Say?), Patti LuPone fandom, hanging out together after work, and seeing crazy shows (The Birds, anyone?). I especially enjoyed our Halloween hilarity and Christmas extravaganza, both parties of note.

Although I count the skills I refined as a highly valuable component of my experience, these incidental and often hilarious encounters will color my memories the most. I’m grateful to everyone who facilitated this opportunity and cannot wait to see where the future will lead.


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