What’s in a Word?


As I embark upon the exciting, and sometimes harrowing, adventure of job hunting, I am enjoying reading helpful articles on sites such as LinkedIn and Idealist. Tonight, I stumbled upon a particularly enjoyable post by Allison Jones that connected with both my job hunting predicament AND my ever-present love of vocabulary. (Happy Grammar Day!) Although I’ve created word clouds previously, making one for my resume provided insights into my professional strengths and experiences. More importantly, it displayed what recruiters might find if said resume would be run through a job database.

This cloud contains the 50 most prominent words in your resume, in essence forming your two-minute “elevator speech” or personal plug, capturing the basic points of your background, your skills, and what you would bring to an employer. If your word cloud does not match how you would like to be perceived by hiring mangers, and if it does not match the buzz words in a job posting, I would suggest taking a second look at your resume and making some revisions.

Choose powerful words that succinctly capture you. Looking at my own word cloud, I feel that these descriptors accurately reflect who I am and what I can offer: An organized nonprofit professional, with extensive experience in grants, events, writing, and theater. What do your words say about you? Give it a try here.


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