Show-going and such

In fulfilling one of my 2014 resolutions, I have recently begun seeing a lot more Chicago theater. I explain my previous scattered attendance upon the commuting conundrum; living in the western suburbs (way west) can make the process of getting into the city a bit difficult. This is due to numerous factors- the irregularity of commuter trains, the hazards of extreme traffic, and road conditions in general (Potholes: They’re out to getcha). But all those things aside, I am finally getting on the show bandwagon! And I’m happy to report a few observations I’ve made through this process.

First, I’m really enjoying the chance to see shows with friends, and see shows with friends IN the shows. Watching a friend perform onstage is an amazing experience. If you have an friends who do theater, PLEASE support their hard work and passion by just being there (Especially if they have free/discounted tickets for you! No excuse). Back home, I was often too busy rehearsing my own material to engage in this vital aspect of the theater community. Here, I understand the importance of getting to know the work of my friends, while getting to know the venues around town.

Second, I don’t know if this has just been by chance, or by some subconscious force, but it seems as if every show I’ve seen these past few weeks has featured extremely strong female leads. This suddenly dawned on me today, as I was scrolling through my Playbill pictures on Instagram. It appears that my inner feminist is finally finding her voice. And she is very proud and encouraged to see such strong characters alive onstage, portrayed by adept actresses (and directed by brilliant female directors).

Directed by: Megan Shuchman
Starring: Dana Black
Venue: Strawdog Theatre Company
Runs until: April 5

Directed by:Kimberly Senior
Starring: Kate Fry
Venue: Writers Theatre
Runs until: April 6

Directed by: Gary Griffin
Starring: Louise Pitre
Venue: Chicago Shakespeare
Runs until: March 23

Directed by: Joanie Schultz
Starring: Amanda Drinkall
Venue: Goodman Theatre
Runs until: April 13

If you are in the Chicago area, SEE THESE SHOWS.

And lastly, I have some fun performance news of my own to share. Tonight, I’ll be performing with Redmoon for their Spectacle Lunatique Gala. From both a theatrical and fundraising perspective, the evening promises to quite an experience. Pictures to follow soon!


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