Project [REDMOON]

Tonight was insane. Redmoon’s Spectacle Lunatique (2014) was SNL’s Stefon sketch in all its glory, and then some. Your wildest imaginings come true…and then some. A trip to an alien planet…and then some. Redmoon, if you are not familiar with the company, is essentially performance art at its finest, a combination of Cirque du Soleil with street performance and all things spectacular. Tonight was my first experience performing with the organization, and I was only one of nearly 200 performers (maybe more…I lost count) this evening at the nonprofit’s annual gala. Funds raised tonight allow Redmoon to deliver its trademark free performances throughout the year, which engage the Chicago public in the most obscure possibilities of the imagination.

ImageIf you were too busy partaking in St. Patrick’s Day festivities to drop by the Redmoon warehouse tonight, here’s a small sampling of what you missed:

  • Drum battles of the most epic kind on huge towers/cranes/forklifts
  • Aerialists suspended from chandeliers pouring champagne
  • A flaming pipe organ
  • Bears on bicycles
  • Rickshaw processions
  • Fish men blowing undersea bubbles
  • Glow-in-the-dark cotton candy

(The last item on the list was my personal favorite)

Check out for an exciting schedule of summer performances!


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