New Job!


Week 1 of my new position at Writers Theatre has concluded, and there are so many things to discuss! It seems I chose the busiest week of the year to join the WT staff: Two press openings for The Dance of Death, a sing/read through of Days Like Today, and the Annual WordPlay Gala. Besides getting oriented and meeting new faces, this week’s events were quite enough to keep things exciting for a newcomer.

So what will I do be doing for Writers Theatre? I’m joining their staff as a full-time Marketing & Communications Assistant. In other words, helping the mission and brand thrive through the creation and distribution of various materials, increasing interest in the amazing productions and artists at this theatre. The Writers mission prioritizes the words on the page and the artists on stage while providing intimate, immersive audience experiences.

And I mean intimate. I was able to watch The Dance of Death twice this week, from different vantage points, as part of our press openings. In a space the size of a typical living room, 50 audience members gather to witness an incredible piece that is truly an “A-Team” effort: When you combine actors Larry Yando, Shannon Cochran, and Philip Earl Johnson with playwrights August Strindberg/Conor McPherson and director Henry Wishcamper, you get spontaneous combustion. The emotional and sexual tension in that room literally explodes. And there is no escape.

I was also thrilled to sit in on a complete sing/read through of an original musical premiering at Writers in May.  Days Like Today is the brilliant, poignant creation of the amazing Alan Schmuckler (music/lyrics) and Laura Eason (book). The piece is being directed by Artistic Director Michael Halberstam, music directed by Doug Peck, and choreographed by Tommy Rapley. All I can say is that I cannot WAIT for a cast album to be released. It needs to happen, because this music is absolutely stunning.

What I am quickly discovering about this organization is how warm, intelligent, passionate, and talented the staff and artists truly are. In that kind of environment, you really have the opportunity to thrive and contribute in meaningful ways. I am looking forward to doing just that.


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