All the Festivals

This post was initially going to be titled “A Chicago Saturday,” but this past weekend turned out to be jam-packed with all sorts of things through Sunday, so I decided to save that moniker for future use. Here is how my weekend transpired:


Hollywood Beach

Morning yoga in my studio apartment. (Hooray, hardwood floors!)
Summerfest in Lincoln Park, complete with ABBA tribute band and refreshing samples of David’s Tea.
First Divvy bike ride ever, and no collisions!
Ice cream and window shopping along Armitage.
The BEACH. Glorious.
Unleash the Beats by Chicago Tap Theatre, featuring the wonderfully talented Kelsey Schlabaugh and amazing live music.
Post-show dinner and conversation, alfresco.

Costume fitting and twirling about.
Cast brunch. Much French toast was consumed.
Lakeside rehearsal. Shade was a hot commodity.
Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival. Strange and brilliant collections were explored.
And finally, participation in a literary reading at Uncharted Books.

There’s only so much one can manage in 48 hours, but I think I may have broken a personal record. I can’t wait to see what’s in store this holiday weekend! The family is coming to town, and I have no doubt that we’ll celebrate July 4th in style. May your days be filled with festivals and your nights filled with fireworks!




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