City Living (First Apartment)

Apartment Living

Apartment Living

This has been such a long time coming, but it’s time for a “first apartment” blog post! In June, with the help of my wonderful family, I moved into my first apartment: A beautiful studio in a vintage building in Edgewater (far north neighborhood of Chicago), only a block from the beach. My window looks out to the south for some pretty beautiful sky viewing. And since the space is so compact, it’s pretty much a replica of my dorm room design, with a few additions. Nonetheless, it’s taken me until this weekend to feel fully moved in (whatever that means), following a few more trips to IKEA and Pier One…


Room Panorama

I have also grown more acclimated to the surrounding neighborhood, which is fairly quiet and filled with beachy breezes (great in summer…). A good amount of local dining options and stores are plenty to keep a girl content, as well as this weekend’s EdgeFest (at which I found two beautiful, handmade bracelets), and of course, THE BEACH. I haven’t had much chance to truly enjoy that perk, with poor weather and rehearsals taking away from that time, but I am hoping that August will be full of sun and surf. Have a look-see at my abode!


Interior View


Window View

Hollywood Beach

Hollywood Beach


In the Garden




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