Resolutions: 2015

Happy New Year, everyone!!

Various sources have told me that 2015 will be THE year, so I have high hopes. And you should, too! Every year, every day, and every minute is a chance to positively change your life and the lives of others. But New Year’s provides a great jump start on those dreams and goals, and I will take this moment to list mine.

Looking back at my 2014 resolutions, I think I went a little too headlong into fulfilling that list! To recap, that list involved:(1) See Theater. (2) Audition for Theater. (3) Do Theater. I think I succeeded in those items, but I also added another one: Support Theater. Because, since I made that list, I have been working full-time (and on a volunteer basis) in arts administration, in addition to performing. And while it had been good to become more fully rounded, aiming to be a jack of all trades, it has also been a bit exhausting trying to do everything. And so, here is my revised list of resolutions (still involving theater) for 2015:

  1. Focus. Instead of going after everything, I plan on honing my energies and passions into those creative pursuits that will truly provide fulfillment and growth.
  2. Strength. Both moral and physical strength. While remaining considerate of the opinions of others, I wish to firm my own resolve and stand my ground on issues I believe in. While it is good to be nice, it’s not good to be a pushover. It’s also not good to be pushed out of a triple pirouette due to lack of muscle strength, haha, so I am hitting the gym and studio hard this spring!
  3. Direction. This word has various meanings to me. Direction can come in the form of a person or location, and I am searching for a sign from both of those entities to see if I’m on the right path in life. I guess we are all searching for that affirmation, which can present itself in various ways, but I do feel that 2015 will bring a significant source of direction for me and for those I love. Won’t you join me for the journey?

Here’s to 2015!

New year, new headshots by Leslie Cusano!

New year, new headshots by Leslie Cusano!


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