Getting There

It’s not the having; it’s the getting.

-Elizabeth Taylor

So here we are, officially one month into 2015, and my resolutions remain works in progress. You see, this month and the next are mainly devoted to staying afloat and maintaining a semblance of sanity, as a result of being involved in a few too many projects at once. Nothing new there, right? But I should have added a disclaimer when I made that initial list of resolutions, specifically for Resolution #1 (Focus): Must wait to refocus on the big picture until after February. Because, it just so happens that four productions and quite a few auditions stand between me and Miss March, so until that time, I am exercising laser focus on micro-issues and saving grandiose thoughts for the first throes of spring. Sounds like a plan, right?

Getting There

Photo by Grayscale Photos

Although it’s a plan in constant adjustment, it remains a plan! A plan to plan for…well just what that is remains to be seen. These next few weeks will determine how I can refocus that followspot and achieve ideal lighting for future happiness, setting the stage for whatever is to come. Pardon the extended metaphor, but I’ve been in too many theaters this week to think straight (What is daylight, again?).

A quick summation of these current projects:

  • Finishing the final two weekends of performances for an ongoing storefront show. Going to miss the backstage friendships when it closes February 8, but very happy to add to a growing network of great friends.
  • Finishing choreography for Seussical the Musical way out at Waubonsee Community College, a trek made well worth it because of some amazing cast members and a fabulous like-minded director. Runs February 20-23.
  • Gearing up marketing efforts for Heat Wave, produced by Cold Basement Dramatics at the Steppenwolf Garage Rep, which begins performances February 20, opening March 7.
  • Continuing the frenzy of marketing preparations for The Diary of Anne Frank at Writers Theatre, which begins performances February 24, opening March 4. Tickets are selling super fast for this show- don’t miss it!

I am very grateful to my friends and family who understand my current heightened state of rushing to and fro, and I can’t wait to rejoin them and the rest of the human race in March. But of all the things I am anticipating following this crazy period, I am especially looking forward to soaking up some sunshine with the grandparents in Sarasota. Maybe then, on the beautiful beaches of Florida, I can find that moment to truly refocus. Until then, here’s to getting there.


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