Summer Adventures 2015

Bigfork, MT

Bigfork, MT

Hello everyone!

I’m writing this post from the beautiful mountain town of Bigfork, Montana, where I will be spending the summer performing and choreographing for Bigfork Summer Playhouse. This season looks to be an exciting one, with fantastic talent throughout the company and a wonderfully supportive community. I am grateful for the opportunity to explore some new roles and learn new shows–this summer’s lineup includes Man of LaMancha (Antonia), Footloose (Vi Moore), The Addams Family (Ancestor), and Annie (Ronnie Boylan), as well as two musical revues. We are already off and running with rehearsals– I can’t wait to have all four shows running in rep within the next few weeks.

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore

Although rehearsals leave little time for sightseeing in this picturesque locale, we arrived a few days early to explore the area. Our scenic road trip from Chicago included an amazing stop at Mount Rushmore, where I had the chance to meet one of the original workers on the sculpture and listen to his stories of summers spent carving the figures of our most beloved presidents. I still find the whole endeavor simply amazing — it is a must-see national treasure.

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park

Over the weekend, we also ventured into Glacier National Park, another one of America’s treasures. Even though the tourist season hasn’t quite begun, we did have an amazing time observing wildlife and hiking a short distance. I am eager to return later this summer and dive into more of the park’s activities, including whitewater rafting and horseback riding. I am also very much looking forward to having family visit for a few days later this summer and showing them around town.

Until then, I’ll be quite preoccupied with rehearsals and such, so I will post updates as time allows! Stay tuned…


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