Hello, 2016


I usually start off my new year with a blog post dedicated to fresh resolutions and goals, but my newsfeed has become full of friends sharing wonderful recaps of their previous year and how the events of the past have impacted their outlooks for the future. In order to move forward, it’s important to look back at where we have been and where we are today. Why not join in?



I resolved to kick off 2015 with focus, strength, and direction. Looking back at the past 365 days, I’m elated to find that this year was truly guided by those principles. Spring was full of self-discovery and opportunities that enabled me to refocus my professional pursuits. While still maintaining active involvement in the administrative side of things, my artistic ambitions took flight, allowing me to “fire on all cylinders” and fully utilize my skill sets. It was absolutely freeing and invigorating.


Summer brought incomparable adventures with my first repertory theater experience. The opportunity to contribute to a fantastic company (in a beautiful locale) surrounded by dedicated artists, mentors, and community members was absolutely incredible and something that I will forever cherish. I am so grateful for my Montana summer; its impacts
will stay with me for life.

Mary Poppins

Fall brought my first forays into the freelance world and a surge of travel. I enjoyed reconnecting with valued friends and refreshing my love of three key places (Chicago, New York, and Florida). I see myself hopping between these spots quite a bit in the future, especially as my network of friends continues grow in each area.

Winter brought one of my greatest personal and artistic gifts to date, as I was able to return home to enjoy the holidays with family and portray a dream role, Mary Poppins. With the support of an amazing cast amid the presence of hometown friends and mentors, Mary really took flight. In fact, she soared with a heart full of gratitude and unbridled joy. I would jump at the chance to revisit Cherry Tree Lane, although it would be hard to top the jolly holiday had on that stage.


With so many fulfilling things in 2015, it’s hard to fathom how 2016 could be better! But I do have several things in the works and big plans to make this year the one to beat. With rehearsals for my next show on the horizon and many auditions forthcoming this spring, I’m ready to launch 2016 into the stratosphere. After all, if you reach for the heavens, you get the stars thrown in. Hello, 2016!




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