Goodbye, 2016


What a year this has been. 2016 brought many new experiences with a fair share of challenges and excitement, travels afar and visits home, fantastic collaborations and artistic adventures, reunions with old friends and exploits with new.

Some highlights:
1. Performing in my first reviewed Chicago plays/musicals and having a ball doing it under the direction of Christopher Kidder-Mostrom, RudyHogenmiller, and Bob Estrin. Thank you for many amazing moments.
2. Collaborating with some fiercely creative ladies (I’m talking to you, Kate Black and Ilana Atkins, my all-stars) on my first outdoor choreographic outing.
3. Mounting my first one-woman cabaret, with the marvelous Andrew Milliken. Thanks to all who made it out.
4. Filming my first music video for the Kerosene Stars, with eternal thanks to Eden Ames for making it all happen.
5. Being present for several milestones of Kristen Makuszewski this year, a graduation and wedding among them. So proud of my sister and thankful for our loving, supportive family who have enabled us to soar.
6. Venturing into the pinup world and winning my first contest out of the gate, #MissDDay2016. What a thrill!
7. Dancing the blues away with Jessica Schmidt at the Jazz Age Lawn Party in NYC. Let’s do it again.
8. Dancing more blues away with the effervescent Clayton Alan, a match made in ‘Mame’ heaven.
9. Moving to The Lawrence House and being embraced by FLATS Chicago – what a home this has become.
10. Exploring the many historical gems of Chicago, including Green Mill Cocktail Lounge, with marvelous friends who have made me much richer for their company. Let’s ring in the New Year with speakeasy style!

Cheers to 2017, everyone.


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